--- Car and Motorcycle Transponder Key Duplication ---



Keynamics is Key Dynamics...


KEYNAMICS provides lost key solutions to all immobilizer equipped motorcycles and scooters. In cases where all keys are lost, the motorbike's ECU will be programmed with 1 or 2 keys. 

When the ECU is plugged into the loom and key switched on, the bike will start and run as normal "GUARANTEED" .

Unlike others who try but fail to offer this service perfectly... We do not butcher the ECU when reprogramming it.  We don't cut wires, remove pins, or install immo bypass circuits.

We believe in form and function...  The end results of "hacking" the immobilizer ECU should not just work, it should also be presentable. That is why we say "we do not butcher the ECU."  

Keys will be code cut.  This is the most expensive way to cut your keys.  Smooth and symmetric cuts so the key goes in and out the lock smoothly.

We are professionals and therefore offer only the best service...